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Holistic Nutritionist in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Food and nutrition as your compass to a healthier, balanced life.

Meet Sarah Rehill

My name is Sarah Rehill and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I develop a completely personalized plan, targeting underlying imbalances within your body, to find the root cause of your concerns. I will work with your lifestyle, and your own motivation in order to create achievable, and sustainable results.




My Approach

When creating nutritional plans to help my clients feel healthy, strong, and energized, I focus on the following principles:


We are all unique individuals with personal sets of goals and this means everyone’s nutritional requirements are unique.


You may have heard the term “Food For Fuel” before, but I will help you to truly embrace this concept.


Plans change. People change. Goals change. And your body will change, both on the inside and out as we work together.


Healthy and appetizing can exist on the same plate! I will teach you the skills to cook meals that are both nutritious and delicious, which means you don't have to bring the same boring salad to work everyday.

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